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How to choose between different types of prostate cancer surgery?

I frequently see patients who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, have decided on surgery, but are struggling with the choice of different types of surgery. Increasingly, there can be a choice, especially if patients seek opinions from two or three different urologists (which we certainly support). A common scenario might be: the patient sees […]

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What I should expect after a prostatectomy – Recovery

Patients often ask what should they expect after a prostatectomy – how long will recovery take and how long should they wait before undertaking certain activities. This guide has been written by Birmingham Prostate Clinic to help answer common questions and concerns. It is important to emphasise that every patient is different and your recovery […]

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Mr Alan Doherty’s Laparoscopic Prostatectomy Development

The learning curve in a production setting is a concept which was first introduced in the aeronautical industry during the 1920s. It was developed to analyse the time taken to move from the initial phase of production, where work is slower and less efficient, to a more effective phase, once production is well established. Clearly, […]

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