Why Am I Experiencing Bladder Pain?

It is very distressing to experience any form of bladder pain.

The type of pain can vary quite widely, including:

  • Stinging or burning sensation when you pass urine.
  • Severe spasms in your pelvic area.
  • Constant, low level ‘nagging’ pain in pelvic area.
  • Pain that comes and goes in cycles and perhaps is worse when your bladder fills.

Getting the right diagnosis promptly

It is really important that you see a doctor. Your GP can help – there are several tests which can be carried out at your local surgery which may resolve the problem. If you have severe pain or recurrent infections, you may want to see our consultant Mohammed Belal at our specialist bladder clinic. You may simply feel more comfortable speaking to a consultant who specialises in this field and so sees patients with bladder problems every day. We can carry out tests to check for underlying problems and we offer the full spectrum of treatments. This means we can offer you the full range of advanced medication and equally, if you have been struggling with your condition for some time, we can provide effective solutions, including for those with the most challenging problems.