Kidney Stones

Symptoms of kidney stones

  • Severe, sudden pain from the loin to the groin
  • Feeling sick and possibly vomiting
  • Bloody or cloudy urine
  • Burning sensation when urinating

When is hospital treatment necessary?

Many people with kidney stones are managed by their GP and with self-care. If a stone is less than 4mm (or 0.2ins), it is considered to be small enough to be passed out of the body via urine without any intervention. You may be given medication to help with the pain and possibly anti-emetics, if you have strong feelings of nausea. Although many people manage well with this approach, others need more urgent, hospital treatment for stones. This may be the case if:

  • There is a sudden increase in severity of pain
  • You are being repeatedly sick and unable to keep down medication
  • Your symptoms do not improve after taking medication
  • If you develop a fever

Rapid response to stones pain

With two consultants specialising in stones treatment, Mohammed Belal and John Parkin, we are able to provide an acute kidney stones service, responding quickly to patients with sudden onset of pain from kidney stones. We offer the full range of treatments to ensure you have the best approach for your needs and are quickly pain-free and back to normal. Read about our full range of advanced treatments for kidney stones.

Treatments for Kidney Stones