Bladder Assessments

When you come to our clinic for a bladder assessment you may naturally feel a little apprehensive. Our assessments for incontinence or bladder pain starts with a simple blood test to identify or rule out any underlying conditions. In the case of urge Incontinence or overactive bladder (for both men and women) you may be asked to have a urodynamic test.

A urodynamics test enables your doctor to understand more precisely how your bladder and urethra are working, what sort of incontinence you have, the cause of your urinary symptoms and what will be the best treatment for you. When you arrive at the clinic, you will be asked to fill your bladder by drinking water. Assessments will then be made to measure: How well your bladder fills and stores urine and what happens when you pass urine.

Assessments are further detailed below alternatively, call 0121 222 1036.